Schedule competition in trap shooting in 2019

No.Sport EventsDate of the EventPlace of the EventDiscipline
National Competitions
1The Spring Cup30 – 31.03.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
2The Municipal Chisinau Championship27 – 28.04.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
3The International Gran Prix «ShotGun Tournament»25 – 26.05.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
4The Sporting Start31 – 1.05/06.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Compact Sporting
5The Fed Cup22 – 23.06.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
6The Sporting Cup29 – 30.06.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Compact Sporting
7The National Championship of the Republic of Moldova20 – 21.07.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
8The Sporting Cup27 – 28.07.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Compact Sporting
9The Summer Cup24 – 25.08.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
10The Sporting Cup31 – 1.07/08.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Compact Sporting
11The September Cup26 – 27.09.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
12Grand Prix «Golden Fall»26 – 27.10.2019Commune «Sniping Club»Trap Shooting, Skeet
International Competitions
1The CSM GIURGIU Cup23 – 25.03.2019Bucharest, RomaniaTrap Shooting
2The Grand Prix Perazzi31.03 – 4.04.2019Sofia, BulgariaTrap Shooting, Skeet, Double Trap Shooting
3The Olimpia Cup27 – 29.04.2019Bucharest, RomaniaTrap Shooting, Double Trap Shooting
4The Grand Prix Perazzi16 – 20.06.2019Belgrade, SerbiaTrap Shooting, Skeet, Double Trap Shooting
5The Trophaeum «CARPATI»5 – 10.07.2019Bucharest, RomaniaTrap Shooting, Skeet
6The Grand Prix Perazzi1 – 7.10.2019Belgrade, Serbia/ Trap, Skeet
7The World Cup Final23 – 29.10.2019Al Ain, UAETrap Shooting, Skeet, Double Trap Shooting

President of the Shooting Federation of the Moldova Republic  / Bostan A.


Administrator of «Sniping Club»   / Grigoriev I.