Pistol shooting

Shooting with a pistol is getting more and more popular around the World. There are more and more owners of short-barreled rifles and just lovers who are attracted by this type of rifle and pistol shooting.

The Sniping Club did not ignore non of shooting direction and it offered special areas for pistol shooting for amateurs and professionals. Anyone can practice using their own weapon or by renting at the Club. A wide range of modern semi-automatic pistols Glock 19C, Sig Sauer 320 series, and for the “classics” fans – one of the legendary pistols of the last century “Tula Tokarev” TT at option.

Glock 19C

Glock 19C

Sig Sauer 320

Sig Sauer 320

Tuliskii Tokarev

Tuliskii Tokarev


Handling of the pistol on the shooting field gives unforgettable experience. For this reason we decided to provide our visitors a possibility to try three disciplines of pistol shooting. These are: sport (target shooting), IPSC and IDPA.

Anyone who has a sufficient physical condition to hold a weapon can practice pistol shooting. The weight of a weapon is relatively light and varies from 720 grs. To 3,4 kg.


The shooting is conducted at steel and paper targets. In our shooting gallery we can simulate any firing situation. Depending on level of training, the shooter can choose a practice with static or dynamic targets, which are moving horizontally and vertically.

Here you can find pricing for rent of a field, instructor services, rent of weapons and ammunitions, the costs of shot and etc.



Considering the specific character of shooting with a short-barreled weapon, our specialist in a mandatory manner will describe the safety regulations and the rules on handling of weapons before the guests of our Club will start using an armor on the field. It will make easier to master the art of pistol shooting and will protect you and people on the field.

All actions on the fields for pistol shooting are fulfilled only under the supervision and direction of instructors. Our instructors will not leave you without support and always will recommend, improve and guide to master your skills of correct aiming, taking a shot, reloading and compulsory maintenance of your weapon after the shooting.

If necessary, instructor will help you to choose a pistol that best fits your hand. A weapon is an individual thing and like a musical instrument sounds and applies in a different way. During a personal meeting with the Club instructor, you will get the full range of information regarding weapon peculiarities of this type.

Another advantage of the shooting club is the ideal conditions provided for developing skills to perfection. We offer our services on training of shooters and their preparation for different competitions on pistol shooting. You will become a master of shooting in the short period of time while training in our pistol fields.


Walther P38

Walther P22Q


Tanfoglio WITNESS 1911 CUSTOM





Tanfoglio STOCK Chromed

Tanfoglio Limited Pro


Tanfoglio Gold Match

Tanfoglio Force Pro Carry

Tanfoglio Force 22LR

Steyr Mannlicher LA1

Sig Sauer P320 Full Size

Sig Sauer P320 Full Size 45 caliber

Sig Sauer p320 Compact

Sig Sauer MPX

Saiga 9

Saiga 12 caliber 340

Saiga 12 caliber 030



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    Our goal is to ensure that each shooter receives maximum knowledge in handling of weapons. Realized skills in specially equipped places. It is possible to get the same skills on the pistol and stand shooting.