Firing from a carbine

To fans of accuracy, power and speed the Sniping Club team recommends to try firing from a carbine — a unique type of weapon. Especially it concerns to persons interested to acquire skills of hunting and sports firing.

We are sure that firing from a carbine will attract of you great interest as demands the maximum accuracy, at various combinations and variety of a target situation at various distances. In the territory of the shooting Sniping Club complex you will have an opportunity – to try and understand this shooting direction.

What is a carbine?

Carbine — the facilitated rifle with the shortened trunk. The name — the derivative word or from Arab “qarab” (weapon), or from Turkish “karabuli” (shooter), or from French “carabiner”.

Carbines represent both special samples of firearms, and the options of systems of the rifles accepted for infantry arms, differing in the smaller weight, length and some details of a design. To destination can be fighting, hunting, office (police, tactical, etc.) or self-defense weapon.

Approach to firing

Trainings begin with the simplest and in too time of very important here – instructing in security measures and rules of the correct weapon handling.

Approach to firing from a carbine absolutely individual. And we will help to choose the most convenient weapon and situation for firing.

Here it is possible to get acquainted with quotations on rent of the platform, service of the trainer, rent of weapon and ammunition, cost of a shot and we designate



At the request of shooters Sniping Club certified the instructor will tell all subtleties of bench firing. Obligatory instructing are rules and security measures of weapon handling which need to be observed, practicing this sport.

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    Our task is in that each shooter gained the maximum knowledge in weapon handling. Realized skills in specially equipped places. The same skills are an opportunity to receive on pistol and clay target shooting.