About the Сlub

We are glad to welcome you to the website of Sniping Club shooting-range.

Initially it was designed and made in order to provide a service for weapon testing. At the present moment it is a large-scale complex with a great number of services, on which territory located five shooting fields for three main activities:

  • – practical shooting (handgun, carabine);
  • – trap shooting (clay shooting);
  • – high-precision firing (100 and 800 Meters);

About shooting fields

Each shooting field is equipped with necessary target layouts, which combination will help to master skills in practice. As regards to a high-precision shooting field, then for the training of shooters-hunters the territory was equipped with moving targets that simulate the flight of a bird, the running of a hare and a boar. We propose multiple fields for trap shooting lovers, including trap with the height of 3 meters, allowing imitation of shooting in the mountains.

During the construction of fields, ramps were provided for the comfort and convenience of movement of people in wheelchairs.

The Purpose of the Сlub

– to develop the culture of fire weapon handling.

For that purpose Sniping Club to build up a team of certified instructors on each shooting discipline. Each member of our team has permission to train shooting disciplines. Club instructors are former law-enforcement officers with experience in handling weapons of various types and configurations.

Moreover, the shooting-range workers themselves are shooter athletes and many-times participants in international practical shooting competitions held in the CIS countries and in the European Union.

Polygon map


For the Club guests on the territory of the shooting-range we have a shop where anyone can buy necessary weapons and accessories. Sales managers will help to select the type of weapon that will meet your requirements and skills.

If required guests of the Club can practice the art of knives throwing. This discipline as much as other martial art, has its own history, culture and philosophy. Our instructor will share his experience and teach this skill.

A large area located in a beautiful landscape zone with own infrastructure where you can come with family and friends in order to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. The territory of Sniping Club already equipped by summerhouses with wood-fired grills for the convenience of guests.