Trap shooting

The roots of trap shooting go into the competition of hunters, who shoot birds throwing into the air. Such competitions were held in England and other European countries in the Middle Ages. The first Olympic Games at the end of the XIX – at the beginning of the XX century also met such competitions.

Trap shooting is included in the program of the Olympic Games and it is one of the oldest Olympic disciplines. For the first time, trapshooting medals were raffled in 1900 in Paris during the II Olympic Games. Ever since the trap shooting has been included in the program of all games except for 1904 and 1936.

Competitions for men and women are held separately starting from 1996. World Championship on trap shooting have been held since 1935. All competitions are held under the aegis of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). The Olympic program includes competitions in three disciplines: a round stand (SKEET), a trench digging stand (OLYMPIC-TRAP) and a double trap (DOUBLE-TRAP).

Shooting stands

On the round stand moving from one shooting place to another (8 seating places in total) and changing the angle of shooting relatively to track of flying targets, participant is firing upon clay pigeons flying towards to each other from facilities (a WATCH TOWER – from the left side behind the back of number 1 and a BOOTH from the right side behind the back of number 7). Flight of targets occurs at different heights. Besides, the round stand differs from the rest of the exercises by delaying the departure of the target after the shooter’s command, which automatically varies from 0 to 3 seconds.

In the trench digging stand the sportsmen fires upon clay pigeons throwing from the trenches in random directions (straight, left, right). The shooter cannot know where the target will fly until the moment of its departure. The Double Trap is held as well as a competition on a trench digging stand, except that the plates are thrown away in pairs, and the shooting is done by a doublet. The Double Trap exercise also has a target delay after the shooter’s command from 0 to 1 second since 2004.

The trench digging stand was included in the Games program in 1900 for men and in 2000 for women. The round one – in 1968 for men and in 2000 for women, and the Double Trap in 1996 for both men and women.

Clay shooting

The difference of stand shooting (especially sporting) from other types of target shooting is in its high loyalty to the age and gender, its hazards and liveliness. At the stand you can see practicing men, women and kids from 12 years old as well as veterans over 60 and 70 years old.

Clay shooting (stand shooting) is a perfect activity for the corporate recreation. The number of desirous to master and understand the stand shooting is growing daily. Our intention is to show you how different could be stand shooting and, correspondingly that each of you can find something special for the soul.

Here you can find pricing for rent of a field, instructor services, rent of weapons and ammunitions, the costs of shot and etc.


The «Deck»

In order to get these experiences, the Sniping Club shooting-range complex was built for you near Chisinau with four fields to stand shooting giving everyone the opportunity to try such disciplines as: TRAP (trench digging), SKEET (circle) and DOUBLE TRAP. As well as our exclusive field COMPACT SPORTING, which gives shooting both from the ground and constructed facility with 3,5 meters in height. The so-called The DECK.

Getting up to the shooting spots of The DECK you will understand the special status of this shooting field that gives a possibility to fire top down by nine different paths of targets travel. An incredibly beautiful view of the surrounding natural landscape opens up at a height of shooting spot.

All our fields are equipped with new throwing LAPORTE machines as well as new controllers and audio systems.

All of this is allowing to hold high level competitions, upgrade skills of shooters-sporstmen, hunters as well as beginners and non-pro shooters.


Shotguns, which barrel is not shorter than 67 cm, are used in the stand shooting. Ammunition is shotgun cartridges with a shot charge no larger than No.7.

Club guests can shoot both from their own armory and from the rented weapons of the Sniping Club. Shooting is allowed only by certified ammunition that are purchased on the spot. Cartridges of own assembly “samokrut” are strictly prohibited.


At the desire of shooters the Sniping Club certified instructors will explain all nuances of stand shooting. The mandatory instructions are the rules and safety measures for handling weapons that should be fulfilled while practicing this sport.


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Verney Carron V12N Gieber

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    Our goal is to ensure that each shooter receives maximum knowledge in handling of weapons. Realized skills in specially equipped places. It is possible to get the same skills on the pistol and stand shooting.