Safety measures when firing

About some safety issues when firing

Let’s stop on some typical situations in which there were all and which are externally rather harmless, but repeat with the known regularity absolutely everywhere. All these situations, from the point of view of security measures when firing boundary, from discharge “it seems it is impossible, but it is possible”. They are also dangerous by it. Given the description and advice does not replace the standard security measures when carrying out firing practice at all. Once again we will pay your attention to them: God grant, it will save you from the tragedy.

Everyone shooting at the stand at least once got acquainted with safety regulations when firing shooting complexes. Similar rules were developed for years, are written by “blood”, are rather full, rational and have very categorical character. There are several main points which implementation is strictly obligatory for all shooting:
all movements in the territory of a shooting range with the gun in hands shall be only with open trunks (the broken gun), the semi-automatic weapon can be transferred only with an open lock;
it is possible to load the gun only on shooting numbers. Leave the shooting place (number) only with an open lock (semi-automatic weapon) or with the broken gun without cartridges and sleeves in a cartridge chamber. In the semi-automatic gun it is possible to load no more than two cartridges for time (one boss is loaded in a cartridge chamber, the second — in shop);
in the time spent for the shooting place with the gun in hands, it is possible to send trunks only to an arc of fire;
educational and training firing without passing of a personnel safety notification when firing is prohibited;
firing is prohibited by cartridges, the mass of fraction in which is more than 32 grams (in a compact sporting 28 g.), and also it is forbidden to use fraction, No. 7 (2-2,5 mm) is larger;
if there was a misfire that survey of the gun and identification of the reasons why the shot has not taken place it is necessary to do with the trunks sent to an arc of fire;
in the territory of a shooting range firing at birds and animals is prohibited.


Any person who is engaged in firing at least once brought on the stand of the friends with the offer to try to do some shooting. It could be one or several invited. Before an exit to a site be not too lazy — treat friends with tea and torture them the ten-minute story about that type of firing which they should try. Tell about types of bench exercises, about specifics of weapon, about sport history. Try to create the atmosphere of the valid, interested relation to your hobby in advance. People should begin to shoot slowly, without fussing, thoughtfully. Do not neglect the story about security measures when firing. It will take only two minutes and will not be for you shameful in any way. At the same time, you remember that on a site the majority of rules will be forgotten or the firing practice excited by process beginners just will not be able to follow them. All responsibility for safety when firing will lie on only on you!

You remember it all the time, your friends at the stand so far. Even if you the experienced master and the champion, be not ashamed to address to administration that you were given the instructor. Additional supervision of the impartial person will not damage. Let’s friends shoot only in turn, it is better from one (certainly, regular) than the shooting place. If you have to approach closer and to facilitate firing conditions, ask the instructor — let will stop firing on the neighboring platforms. Choose the flat, nonslipping place, concentrate the attention to where trunks of guns in the hands shooting are directed. Only towards plates, from people and never — out of shooting platforms! The inexperienced person does not control the direction of weapon and the more so a firing background. It is your task! Before loading the gun to shooting, let’s it try to invest with the uncharged, to feel weapon, a level, a front sight. Let one-two times “will click” empty. Do not load two cartridges. It is not less pleasure from one shot, and to you is quieter. If you agree about a training in advance, draw the attention of friends to clothes and footwear. Women will be able to coquet also without heels. If women and children shoot, be ready to inadequate reaction to return. They can lay down arms on the earth or be unrolled sharply with it to the audience. You should hold shooting. And once again: do not hope for own experience, call the instructor at once.

By rules — it is unambiguously forbidden. In life — not to avoid. It can be an office party or a holiday at the stand, a shot glass for tranquility at competitions or a training, a classical small party among athletes. In this case god to you judge. But nevertheless … Basic rule: do not hesitate. If have seen on a site of drunk, do not hesitate to make it the remark or to draw to it the attention of administration. It is not it is your safety. You celebrate an office party — do not hesitate to appoint yourself the senior and do not drink. You watch others, control their state and safety when firing. Call how many it is possible to drink and how many it is dangerous, it is impossible, at everyone the norm. It is necessary to look soberly and upon. You cannot — call instructors. If on a site the drunk shooters, there has to be at least one sober, unambiguously understanding that he is responsible for the events. Friends call to do some shooting on “poorly” — do not hesitate to refuse if have drunk. You will save both yourself, and them. Your authority from it will only increase. Derive pleasure that here a lot of things are not accepted. It is dear, aristocratic, intelligent sport. Here special club requirements to behavior. Enjoy that you can follow them. Firing at bottles in the wood is a destiny of morons.

Long ago the created security measures and rules of good form unambiguously speak: someone else’s gun can be taken only with permission and in the presence of the owner. Grab so — you will be a derelict in this society. And at competitions it is possible and to run into scandal. Having taken someone else’s gun, consider that it is loaded. Before examining it, to be thrown up, iron, open trunks and be convinced of lack of cartridges. Do not direct to people the gun, even empty. It is not so much dangerous how many irritates. Respect yourself, weapon and people around.

At the majority of stands firing is prohibited by auto loading ammunition. Today the range (on brands, fraction hinge plates, technical data’s) sold in shops and at stands of cartridges is very wide. It is possible to choose in all respects what will satisfy you. The criterion of economy at independent equipment works too conditionally. Cost value of charging for today not less than seven rubles for a cartridge, and having contrived, it is possible to buy them on 9-10 rubles. At the capacity of training of 100 shots (and charging cartridges of an arrow do not shoot at experience any more) economy in 200 rubles hardly an adequate payment for the inconveniences caused to themselves and people around. Paying tribute to your experience in charging of ammunition, understanding that in general they are safe as corporate, we will note: the unusual sound of a shot, non-standard wads and containers which are taking off from trunks, fire, unexpected mists — all this and you, and neighbors distracts from regular, quiet and, therefore, safe firing. Well — reconcile better, it is not necessary!


You do not fuss. Even in the conditions of competitions you have two minutes on debugging. And at a training there will be some time. Basic: all actions begin with discharging of weapon. Be discharged, leave a fire zone and do everything that you want with “piece of iron”. Without fussing!

Leave her alone. Watch leave and rejoice that the nature gives you such moments. Believe: in total and so know that you — the great shooter and the successful hunter. Consider that you have brought down a bird quickly and effectively. And do not press a hook.

You, certainly, understand and know how quickly to repair it, having allowed to continue a series thereby. Do not climb to the machine! This business of workers of the stand. Have patience and wait until repair. Believe, your result will only benefit from endurance. The mass of people was hit the blade on a forehead, wishing to prove that they are great mechanics. You — the shooter. Stand and wait! You can whistle something …


Often (especially experienced shooters) have a requirement of firing not from regular numbers. In general, it is forbidden. But plots such arise often. Having risen on the non-staff place, you do not hurry. Most carefully study the direction of firing. On regular numbers for you thought of your safety. Here — no. Check not only a distant background, but also the neighbor: you can hook on a framework of shooting numbers, the box of the operator, a wire etc. The neighboring platforms (the fraction flies on 250 meters) — you remember also it. Check everything before firing, otherwise then will be late! Any doubts not in favor of firing. On a site during your experiments nobody should shoot. Call for confidence of the instructor. Hold your horses.


All are very glad to see you and your pet. But do not forget that any dog very much likes to play, including to follow the objects thrown by her. The flying plates very draw its attention. On a shooting site to a dog not the place! Will run behind a plate — will get under a shot, will fuss behind the back — will distract you and other shooters that too is unsafe. Attach it for the period of your training in cafe or other premises of club. Most of shooters — inveterate hunters, we are sure, nobody will be against. It is necessary to bind — bind, you will save a dog and people around. Here we will note that the stand — the quite good place for schooling of a hunting dog to a shot sound so you bring, but look after her.

If you see that someone at the stand (even its owner or the important guest) behaves not according to safety regulations of firing — approach, be sorry to bother you and make the remark. And if to you it is inconvenient, call the worker of the stand. But do not disregard violations. Care of shooting discipline — guarantee of our safety.

Do not forget that the weight and physical development of the child not such, as at the adult. The main danger to it is constituted the wrong and unreliable deduction of weapon (especially if this gun of the adult) and return. To start occupations bench firing the age is considered optimum 14 years are more senior (of course, adjusted for physical development). It is recommended to begin not earlier, and later. The considerable recoil momentum, essential sound pressure of a shot, asymmetric load of a backbone demands the adequate resistance of an organism. It is better if it is strengthened. Regular trainings firing should be given under supervision of the professional coach. It will be useful also from the point of view of control of loadings, and for the purpose of observance of security measures when firing. Do not hope for yourself. Give the first lessons, involve in firing, and then give to section or to the individual trainer. If the child is still small for occupations firing and you have brought him on the stand just to spend together time in day off, surely explain to him where it is possible to go and where it is impossible. The child at the stand (and it is the territory of the increased danger) should be always under control of adults — yours or workers of the stand. Ask them to see to the son or the daughter during your training, they will never refuse.

According to the statistics the majority of sporting’s — men aged from 30 up to 50 years. Almost risk group on cardiovascular diseases. During the trainings in the absence of a stress of problems with health practically does not arise. But at competitions at heavy nervous tension, especially in combination with severe weather conditions, cases of sharp jump of arterial pressure, tachycardia and steno cardia, sudden headache are not rare. In addition, big efforts the allergy and elementary cold deliver. If you are sick or subject to risk of any complications, and to refrain from firing there is no opportunity, have with yourself all set of necessary drugs. Explain to any of your attendants or companions on firing what to do if to you it is bad. Precisely define your reaction to the taken medicine in advance. Even harmless “Clarytin” can change your firing considerably. You do not suffer if have felt badly — see a doctor.

Now it is rather easy to buy the throwing machine for start of plates. Manual or automatic with a power supply from the automobile accumulator. Desire to do some shooting somewhere in the wood, especially minutes of rest, on hunting comes often. Not satisfied thirst of a shot excites. It is possible to shoot and it is necessary, but, without forgetting about the legislation (acts of the Russian Federation “About weapon” and “About hunting”) and security measures when carrying out firing practice. A threat to your health is posed at the same time by not only shots, but also operation of the most throwing machine. As a rule, sudden failure of the blade which can hit on a hand or other parts of a body is dangerous. Working as the operator, be extremely attentive, are not got, try to concentrate attention on operations with the machine, but not on shooting action. Need of attentive studying of the operating manual of the machine prior to its work is obvious. Before firing choose the safe place, exclude a possibility of hit of people and animals there. Let shooting number will be not one, but not in any, and strictly certain place. Shoot only from it and be limited to one direction. All safety regulations when firing concerning charging of weapon and movement with it remain in force. Drunk do not allow to shoot, appoint them the audience.