The best bodyguards of the world have shown skills of firing

In 2017 Moldova had had a great honor to hold the World Bodyguard-2017 championship. The best team of bodyguards was laid claim by 19 teams from 18 countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, China, Croatia, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Serbia, Slovakia, Qatar, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary.

The three-day action has taken place top-level and became one of the discussed events of this fall. In the second day bodyguards competed in firing. Organizers have chosen sports and shooting club Sniping Club for this stage. The competitive program for firing from a fire arms has captured 3 categories: “Target firing during pedestrian maintenance”, “Firing on speed from different positions” and “Firing from the car”.

Bodyguards competed in firing at the fixed target, both from the place, and in the movement, in situation on a lap, standing and lying. Besides, bodyguard had to show the skills in firing at the possible malefactor, using the car for the shelter. Evgeny Merkula from Ukraine was the marksman.

Following the results of the international championship, the team of Security service of Moldova has taken the I place. The II place was taken by security service specialists of the president of Belarus. III the staff of intelligence agency of governmental bodyguard from Georgia. In personal off set by the best bodyguard the lieutenant colonel Alexey Spynu is called.