Do not miss 2 days of an action in Sniping Club

The sports and shooting complex could not ignore so significant holiday — Day of the Great Victory and has prepared the excellent offer.

On May 8 and 9 guests of club can perfectly spend time and practice firing, without paying rent of platforms, paths, different types of targets and service of the instructor. You shoot how many you wish, pay only for cartridges, weapon and one-time targets. For brave beginners it is an excellent opportunity to learn firing elements, and for professionals — to perfect the skill and to save decently on the hobby.

At your disposal 5 platforms equipped at the highest level for bench firing, pistol firing and high-precision firing from carbines.

The sports and shooting Sniping Club complex is in Strashensky district: in the commune Reden, the route M14, 246 km of Poltavskoye Highway (towards Balti). Spend holidays efficiently!